Monday, August 15, 2011

The perfect accessory.

Is indifferent if you’re talking about earrings, a bracelet or a bag, the perfect accessory is just an item you can wear almost for every occasion. I’m being realistic here, for every occasion is too much for any item. When you find such a thing like that use it, take advantage of its versatility and take care of it. Aging occurs to all.

Recently I’ve lost a brooch. I cannot remember where or when; it just disappeared. I t was perfect for my gray jacket. Its hook literally made a hole on it.  Now I’ll have to find the perfect match to that hole. I have no pictures of it, the poor thing, but you can send pictures of your most loved accessories and I’ll publish them with a small introduction, so maybe you’ll like to  tell how did you acquire them and what you like the most of them.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

So far, so goof

I’ve been thinking where the mistake I made was.
When I decided to open a virtual store to offer the bags we made I thought, naively, it would be a great possibility for us. What I didn’t think was that a lot of people made the same candid calculation. The visibility in this case is almost inexistent.
I’m still happy with the fact I knew excellent people with a good disposition who helped me a lot. And some of our bags are accompanying other women strolls around the world.
Okay, the “goof”, at this time can be changed for “good”. I’m trying to be optimistic here, so please, give me the reasons for that.
See you soon, with less complaints and more interesting posts, I hope…

Monday, July 5, 2010

Just another irrelevant post

Hi again. Lot of time passed since my last post. I have to admit finally, I’m not the blogger type.
Since the sales are slow (very slow), I dedicated most of the time to my other activities, and that maintain me far from the leather, but not far from creative process I had time to paint, and organize two collective exhibitions. Yay for that. 
My next post will include pictures of my paintings (the exhibited ones) but now is too late in this part of the world and I should be sleeping.
So, good night and good luck.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crafty People Identikit

A useless, pointless interview for you to enjoy with the crafty-people that dared to answer.

Today: Kathy Fowler from Art of Spirit Leather Works

LeatherStuff: When have you realized you were a craft-talent?
Kathy: There was no particular moment of realization. I was raised in a very "crafty" household. My mom could do so many things - knitting, sewing, extraordinary needle work and more; Dad was a woodcarver in his spare time. The playroom was always well stocked with a variety of crafting supplies, so it's just something that's always been a part of my life.

L: For the thousands of people that read the blog (he he)… what kind of items you produce?
K: Handcrafted leather goods. Wristbands, pouches and my stone & leather pendants called Earth Medallions have been my main focus of late, but i can do most anything out of leather with the exception of saddles & cobbled footwear.

L: I assume you enjoy your handmade activity, but there always exists some things of it that bore us. Would you reveal that thing you dislike of it?
K: The dying process isn't my favorite part of what I do. Many of the best compounds are quite toxic so I must wear a breather mask & gloves, then close off the "fumed" area for hours after the process.

L: What kind of activities absorbs your free time? (If you have any, certainly)
K: Not a lot of free time when you work at home because you're always at work & there's always more to do! That said, the area I live in is rural & beautiful with many lakes, hills & forests, so I spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors!

L: Are you a beer or wine person?
K: Rum ;-)

L: The most awkward moment in your life was…
K: This is difficult to answer. Maybe I've "blocked" my most awkward moments from memory? Or perhaps there are just too many, lol. I guess it was pretty awkward when I showed up at a craftshow venue a week late... awkward and costly ;-)

L: Your almost famous flash was…
K: Viggo Mortensen owns one of my pouches :-D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Treasury!

OK, I'm not being very original, just posting the treasury I've recently created. This post will be almost equal to the previous one. Sorry for the lack of imagination here...