Monday, August 15, 2011

The perfect accessory.

Is indifferent if you’re talking about earrings, a bracelet or a bag, the perfect accessory is just an item you can wear almost for every occasion. I’m being realistic here, for every occasion is too much for any item. When you find such a thing like that use it, take advantage of its versatility and take care of it. Aging occurs to all.

Recently I’ve lost a brooch. I cannot remember where or when; it just disappeared. I t was perfect for my gray jacket. Its hook literally made a hole on it.  Now I’ll have to find the perfect match to that hole. I have no pictures of it, the poor thing, but you can send pictures of your most loved accessories and I’ll publish them with a small introduction, so maybe you’ll like to  tell how did you acquire them and what you like the most of them.

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