Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crafty People Identikit

A useless, pointless interview for you to enjoy with the crafty-people that dared to answer.

Today: Kathy Fowler from Art of Spirit Leather Works

LeatherStuff: When have you realized you were a craft-talent?
Kathy: There was no particular moment of realization. I was raised in a very "crafty" household. My mom could do so many things - knitting, sewing, extraordinary needle work and more; Dad was a woodcarver in his spare time. The playroom was always well stocked with a variety of crafting supplies, so it's just something that's always been a part of my life.

L: For the thousands of people that read the blog (he he)… what kind of items you produce?
K: Handcrafted leather goods. Wristbands, pouches and my stone & leather pendants called Earth Medallions have been my main focus of late, but i can do most anything out of leather with the exception of saddles & cobbled footwear.

L: I assume you enjoy your handmade activity, but there always exists some things of it that bore us. Would you reveal that thing you dislike of it?
K: The dying process isn't my favorite part of what I do. Many of the best compounds are quite toxic so I must wear a breather mask & gloves, then close off the "fumed" area for hours after the process.

L: What kind of activities absorbs your free time? (If you have any, certainly)
K: Not a lot of free time when you work at home because you're always at work & there's always more to do! That said, the area I live in is rural & beautiful with many lakes, hills & forests, so I spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors!

L: Are you a beer or wine person?
K: Rum ;-)

L: The most awkward moment in your life was…
K: This is difficult to answer. Maybe I've "blocked" my most awkward moments from memory? Or perhaps there are just too many, lol. I guess it was pretty awkward when I showed up at a craftshow venue a week late... awkward and costly ;-)

L: Your almost famous flash was…
K: Viggo Mortensen owns one of my pouches :-D


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  2. Thanks for the lovely "interview", Valeria! It's funny to see my face here ;-)

  3. OK, maybe “interview” is a little too much… and "identikit" is a little to lawbreaking-related…so which could be the exact expression to refer to this post?

  4. lol - i meant nothing in particular by the quote marks around the word interview; just self-conscious at being the subject matter ;-)